I grew up in San Jose, California, and was the kid who liked to draw. In high school, I studied animation/multimedia and had the opportunity to participate in a summer program at the Academy of Arts in San Francisco. Midway through high school, I also discovered a passion for music production.  I attended Foothill College and studied Music Technology. A few years later, I produced a song called "Memories" for Sunspot Jonz and Talib Kweli, two artists I admired growing up. Navigating a successful path as a young artist in the Bay Area was not easy, and I felt driven to share what I had learned (at that point) with the following generation. I co-founded an innovative multimedia youth program powered by the city of San Jose - in partnership with Adobe. I am most proud of this work in my life. Through our partnership with SV Creates the program expanded to students in Juvenile Hall. I accepted a position with the City of San Jose and began utilizing all the creative skills I had acquired on my journey. Photography and video came back into my life through this work - something I hadn't visited since growing up in skateboarding and hip-hop culture. After moving on from my work in the city, my wife and I founded a small creative agency Bird & Lion. We are honored to have been trusted by large corporations, non-profits, passionate individuals, and government agencies to produce films, photography, and design. I stepped back into the public sector in 2022 to work as a Multimedia Communications Specialist for the County of Santa Clara Public Health. It was a powerful experience to work alongside doctors and medical professionals during the latter part of the pandemic. Shortly after this experience, I accepted a Creative Director role with Lauten Audio and relocated to Los Angeles, California.